GRAVITATE (Paperback)


Gravitate was engineered to empower you with powerful yet simple dynamics of attracting love not just into your bed, but into your heart and life for good. Like gravity the love you want will not be able to escape the love force created.  The 8 magnetic relationship strengths are the fastest path to transforming your dating and relationship outcomes.

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YOU CAN FINALLY ATTRACT THE LASTING LOVE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED If you’ve returned to the dating world after a breakup and felt as though all the rules of love have changed— if you’ve read all the zillion books, websites, coaches, therapist, etc., out there who all give good advice but still feel like you’ll never experience a love that is as strong as the love you give —If you’re the person posting relationship memes on facebook and social media because you seem to attract the same type of relationship problems that you post about, this book is for you. In this impactful new book by Nacrissa J Vil, Founder of The Solopreneur Project and Higher Intervention Lifestyle Academy, you’ll discover: Your natural “attraction” and spiritual balance inside you that can act like a magnet and pull love towards you that is stronger and more fulfilling than you ever imagined. You are here to attract the highest form of love, infinite abundant love, which aligns you with the truest part of who you are and drives romantic love towards you. You can get rid of loneliness and heart-ache through creative social engagement and live more attractively and confidently, building a profoundly meaningful life. You can strengthen your non-verbal communication that mesmerizes your love interest from the start. Do you find yourself feeling socially awkward and shy away from dating? Or is there someone in your life right now with whom you would like to take things from “casual” to “committed”, but you’re not sure exactly how to do it in a way that you know will work… or even if they are interested in you the same way? In Gravitate, transformational author Nacrissa J Vil gives a refreshing reveal of the eight magnetic relationship strengths that make you irresistible to the love you want. You’ll discover the gravitational influences of Attitude, Appeal, Allure, Ambience, Alignment, Aim, Action and Awareness. The lessons you’ll learn about these rarely developed character virtues will become your greatest asset—and your greatest secret to love that last. Nacrissa’s own experiences combined with hundreds of relationship studies, social science studies and new studies in energy science led her to discover 8 distinct strengths that literally ANY woman can use to help her both attract and keep love that becomes an unbreakable fascinating bond that can last forever.

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